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  • Specialized search and selection of IT professionals
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  • Specialized search and selection of IT professionals


To accurately interpret the IT roles and profiles, knowing the work’s dynamics and context in which IT activities are developed, are all key aspects needed in order to avoid many inconveniences during the search and selection process. Not having this set of skills means it will take longer to fill in the position and even more dedication from the client during the selection process; all of this will cause larger total costs to cover the position and dissatisfaction, from both the client and the professional. Here, in TeamSeele, we have the people, processes and tools necessary to cover your recruiting and staffing needs on time and budget.

Service Lines


Specialized search and selection of IT professionals and their outsourcing in order to incorporate in a team which is managed by the client, for a pre-set duration, which could be extended./p>


Service’s Features


  • Support and follow-up to optimize the professional’s performance
  • Work responsibility guaranteed by Teamseele, according to Argentine Law requirements.
  • Pre-established hiring duration, which can be prolonged.
  • If necessary, incorporation of the professional in the client’s stable payroll, once 6 months have passed since the start of the contract, with no additional cost on behalf of the client.


IT specialist professionals search to fill in positions already in the client’s staff structure.



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